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  • Private-Seller Financing is Ok

  • Low Rates / Flexible Terms

  • Fast Approvals (Within Hours!)

  • Loan or Lease Financing

Our programs are for financing business-related trucks, vans, and work vehicles. Axle Lending provides you with solution based financing for your company's vehicle(s). We have a fast credit approval process; and offer 24-60 month terms, great rates and many purchase options with the title in your company's name. We can also include most soft costs like taxes and registration.

If you are not in the transportation industry, then Axle is your go-to financing for almost any type of work vehicle. From work trucks to cargo vans to dump trucks to cube vans to paving machines to cherry pickers for tree services. you name it. About the only vehicles we don't finance are passenger cars, and trucks for owner operators (although we do finance individual over-the-road trucks for non-transportation companies.)

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call:

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